About Me

My Background

I am a business graduate, and a PR graduate. But most importantly, a communications professional. 

In 2012, I graduated from The University of Western Ontario (Western University) in London, Ontario, where I completed an honors double major in Management & Organizational Studies with a major in Management and a major in Linguistics. I love business and this has influenced my career direction and my success. I also love languages and communications! 

In April 2013 I graduated from the postgraduate Public Relations program at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario.

One week after graduating from this PR program I started my career. Having followed the steps I outline in this blog, I was able to find and accept a job before my last day of school. I skipped the summer holiday to Europe, I skipped the unpaid internship for 3 months and I skipped the part-time going-nowhere job. If you are serious about a career in PR, you can make it happen. 

Currently I am a Marketing and Communications Specialist at the head office for a national franchise network. I am applying the PR skills I learned in school, learning more than I could have imagined in my first job and experiencing amazing opportunities.

This is only the beginning.

About Me

I love to write. My passion for PR stems from my love of writing. It doesn't stop there as I love to write stories, poetry and someday maybe a book or two.

Creativity is also important to me. Painting, crafting, sewing and baking; these are hobbies that spell out who I am.

About This Blog

This blog began as a school assignment in my PR program. Fortunately, I discovered that I love blogging! When I decided to write about my experiences in pursuing a career in PR, I never thought I would become so involved with it. I love sharing my experiences in the hope that even one other PR student will find it useful. And because I believe in the culture of generosity I am also using this blog to share all that I am learning as I begin my careers. Tips, resources and experiences are some of the things that I share with other aspiring PR students as I continue to contribute to the PR profession. 

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