Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Art of Creativity - Cupcakes!

Today's theme is creativity and its many forms. Creativity is the it factor when it comes to PR. PR firms are always seeking out creative individuals, and to be honest showing your creativity is a difficult thing to do in a resume. Where do you draw the line between professional and creative? That is why recently I updated my entire resume and cover letter template, and made myself a letterhead. It seemed the best way to remain professional while showing some creative flare.

Another way I like to be creative is in my interests and hobbies, which is definitely something I like to share about myself during interviews and when meeting people. I love art! I love to draw, paint, do calligraphy, origami, and make stuff, whether its jewellery, out of wood, DIY projects for decor or sewing on my sewing machine. I also love cooking and baking. These are all ways for me to let out my creativity.

Just recently my friend and fellow baker (and Western alumnus) had a baking session that was super creative, and fun to say the least. We baked cupcakes, which is a favourite past-time of ours. We made some awesome cupcakes (not to make you hungry but they were vanilla confetti, with strawberry whipped cream filling and chocolate buttercream all made with wholesome ingredients and much love as homemade goodies usually are). And well in honour of our creativity and the Halloween season we decorated them as spiders!

Halloween Cupcakes
Here they are!
I had so much fun that I just had to share this on this blog. This really is only one way that I like to be creative, and if these awesome cupcakes don't impress future employers of mine then I don't know what will.


P.S. I love cupcakes as much as I love PR.

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