Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Art of Career-Building!

A lot has been said in this blog. Hopefully it has been helpful. At this point as we near the end of January we need to assess just how far we have come.

So let’s recap what steps have been accomplished thus far of each step:
1. Choosing the right career for you – is it PR?
2. Getting back in school for a postgrad certificate
3. Research the career and the industry
4. Understand the different career paths within your chosen career
5. Decide what skills you have, which you need and develop them
6. Practice being what you want to be, and do it professionally
7. Write a resume
8. Find an internship while you are still in school
9. Add Value to yourself by adding those extra touches like business cards and finding a mentor
10. Organizing your career goal and timeline so you don’t become overwhelmed
11. Brand yourself so that you stand out from other applicants

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So far we have covered a lot. And yet the next few steps will reveal where the true brunt of the work lies. There is a reason why you should start these steps in a certain order and in a certain fashion. Starting early ensures that when step 12 and 13 and 14 and so on come along you have the time to work on them and the basics covered. 

The reason why the next steps are so essential is because they require you to delve into the industry, meet people and maybe go out of your comfort zone. Some of the steps simply just require a lot of time and effort, while perhaps not yielding the best results.

This is why before moving on I need you to go back to steps 1 through 11 and determine if you have really done your best in accomplishing each of those things. Is there something you missed? Something you could have done better? Something you want to change and do differently now that you know more? 

For me, I have already made some changes. I constantly change my resume and I have done that drastically since the New Year. I also changed my business cards when I created my brand. That was the turning point. It was a time when I realized I needed to add some more oomph! But at the same time it wasn’t until that moment that I understood what branding yourself meant. That is why it isn’t one of the earlier steps. Another reason why it is step 11 is because it comes just before step 12 which requires all of these things to be done, especially your brand! I am not going to tell you what step 12 is now, but I will say you should stay tuned because it is an important one for students.

Step 12 coming soon! 

P.S. I love PR

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