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The Art of Infographics!

Popularity of Infographics
Lately on Twitter I have been drawn to tweets that present information in infographics. I find it easy to digest a variety of information in one quick read of an infographic and they usually cover topics that are useful or at the very least interesting. I could say that I am a little obsessed... But let me provide you with some reasons why I am not the only one obsessed with the art of infographics.

Some Examples of Infographics
Before I go any further, if you are still unsure what an infographic is, or if you want some inspiration before progressing any further, then here are some links that I recommend:
Here is a list of 40 infographics that cover a range of topics from coffee to typefaces.
This website has a new infographic every day on a variety of random topics.

Why Infographics Work Great for PR
In a world where we are continually bombarded by information, people need to compete to get their message across. This might mean using visuals that are easier to look at than mass amounts of text. So what to do? The answer is infographics. They make information and content fun. And unlike, say long, daunting journal articles, they are virtually designed to be shared through social media, making it not only easier to communicate the message, but to disperse it to readers and viewers.

While this in itself is interesting, it becomes even more interesting if you are like me a PR junkie. Yet another fantastic communication tool we can utilize for our strategies, our campaigns and our projects.

The other great thing about infographics is that they require little effort to make if using appropriate tools. And if you like to combine writing and design it gives you an opportunity to get creative. Also, because of the visual nature of infographics, they can be shared on Tumblr, Flikr and Pinterest, where that will be commented on, shared, pinned and saved for later. This gives them a far reach, a wide audience and a long (virtually infinite) shelf-life.

How to Make an Infographic?
Before you make your own infographic you need to know a few things about them:
-They are often higher on visuals than information
-They typically follow a story-telling formula
-They should be themed to be aesthetically pleasing (colours, fonts...)
-They are made to be shared (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.)

And if you want step-by-step instructions on how to make an infographic (I am not an expert, nor pretend to be) here is a great resource from Lewis PR blog. It takes you step by step through the creation process from deciding what to create one about to what type of graphic elements to incorporate.

Some Free Infographic Tools
Here are some websites/tools to help you make an infographic of your own.

1. Piktochart
This one lets you set up a free account with 3 basic themes and provides pricier options for people who are completely obsessed with making infographics. They also offer a guide to help create infographics.

2. was one of the most popular infographic tools that I came across. It has some pre-made themes or lets you make one from a blank canvas. Apparently it is free to use and it was the one that I tested out and it worked great, but you so have to sign up for an account.

3. requires you to sign up for an account. But once you do you can use there themes and create and share infographics in 4 easy steps.

This one is cool as it lets you create an infographic of your resume by connecting to your LinkedIn account.

And the Infographic
And to make things simple I have included an infographic that talks about well... infographics.
Infographic on Infographics; Infographic 101
Here is the link to this infographic to view the whole thing.

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  1. Nice job on the list Danielle - as a PR pro with many years of experience, I'm always fascinated by how we can communicate information to target audiences/consumers. I didn't know about the tools for creating infographics - thanks for sharing and posting!


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