Sunday, 6 January 2013

Step 10 - 3 Tips for the Busy PR Student

Organizing Career Goals

Yes Step 10 already! It seems like the steps never end, but I think it is because starting a career requires a lot of work and effort. Now that January 2013 has arrived, I have decided this post will focus on time and how to make the best of it for 2013. I feel that now that I am in my second semester of my PR postgraduate program and graduating in April, time is starting to fly fast. But at the same time, with my internship starting in a week, I will have less time than ever. So the solution is to get organized and keep time in mind. Funny this comes around the New Year. I guess I could say my objectives are almost like resolutions.

1) Focus on Routines and Habits

First, with a new semester and internship starting, I will have to adjust my routines and habits around time. I have decided that the best way to do this is to start a habit of keeping a day planner. I have always used a calendar (yes a physical calendar that hangs on my wall, very old school) to keep track of important events and dates. But, I find sometimes it’s the little things that you forget. So a day planner will help me keep track of everything! Birthdays, deadlines, assignment due dates, internship days, volunteer stuff, etc. This is a good habit to start before entering the busy PR world. Because I know that in the work world, day planners are a must. Not to mention my parents got me a fancy leather planner for Christmas (I didn’t even ask for it, they must have known I needed help!).

2) Write it Down in a Schedule

I am determined to stay on top of my assignments despite the busy schedule I will have with also searching for a job. To do this I usually gather up a list of all my assignments for every class, including due date, weight of assignment in the class and the class it is due in and I write it all out chronologically. This helps me keep track of days when I have multiple assignments and it lets me know when I have busy weeks or slow weeks. Then I cross things off as I complete them. This will ensure I don’t run into any of those nights where you realize you have an assignment worth 20% due the following morning at 8 a.m.

3) Choose a Priority

I will set aside time to search for jobs, as this is basically my number one priority. This means I won’t wait around for job postings to come to me, but I will set aside time each week to actively search jobs out. This means setting aside time to contact people and answer emails back. I will also stay on top of the things that make me feel like a PR professional. I will periodically update my resume according to different job needs and I will set aside time to work on my portfolio of work. I will also keep my contacts organized. Here are some tips from PR Daily.

There, I got through the priorities of my career life (I won’t even bother with my other goals outside of career ones). I think the best way to hold yourself accountable to your goals is to tell other people or write them down. It motivates you and then other people can encourage you too. So that is what I have done with this post. 

Goodbye time wasting activities. Goodbye procrastination. These are the enemies and I must do all that I can do overcome them to achieve these resolutions. Will it work out? Only time will tell. Next, Step 11 I will talk about the different types of employers you can look at for a job in PR. 

P.S. I love how busy PR is!

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